Who is OMEGA ?
You can get to know something about the history of this Band.

I introduce the topical and the early (as far as they are known to me) members of the Band and other persons involved to You at this page by an overview.

Here You can find a (nearly) topical photo of the Band.
Source: Booklet of OMEGA-CD No. 15 "Egy életre szól", MI-5 Records OME.001

Photo galery
I will show You some photos about various concerts at this page.

Concert report
You will find a short report about the common concert of OMEGA, Illés und Metro at 2001-06-02 at the Budapest People Stadium.

Youtube Video clips regarding OMEGA, comments page
You leave my web page project and change to my blog. There I embedded some video clips regarding OMEGA and Tamas Szekeres which I found on Youtube. Furthermore I edited a page for comments.

Here You can find an extensive discography regarding the Band.

Hungarian releases and remasters

Hungarian live releases

Hungarian Sampler

Publications abroad

Videos and DVD's