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1971 SBB was founded by Józef Skrzek, who was the bass guitar player of „Breakout“ before. The shorthand expression „SBB“ was at first for „Silesian Blues Band“ however later than for „Szukaj - Burz - Buduj (Search - Break - Build up)“. First were dominant blues ballades with hard bass sound and often staccato played guitar by Antymos Apostolis, e.g. at the album „SBB (No. 1)“. In the further course of the seventyth electronic rock ballades formed by the keyboards came to the fore (e.g. Ze słowem biegnę do ciebie“). It's a common characteristic of both SBB styles that all tracks are played with a high level of experimental enjoy and creativity.

In the second half of the seventyth SBB made the two albums Follow My Dream and „Welcome“) for Spiegelei/Intercord, but they were defeated by a high level of commercial compulsion for which a part of their creativity had to be given. In 1980 after all SBB made a new album in Poland („Memento z banalnym tryptykiem“). By this album SBB tryed to come back to their orginates.

In the course of the eightyth SBB was not activ as band. Just after the fall of the walls between East and West Europe SBB made their comeback. They performed in Poland again at first with the original casting with Józef Skrzek, Jerzy Piotrowski und Antymos Apostolis and published the live album („SBB Live 1993“). Later there was to replace the part at the drums of Jerzy Piotrowski who moved to USA. For a short time there could be bound Miroslaw Musykant, since 2000 the American Paul Wertico plays the drums.

However the style of SBB is influenced strongly by blues again. SBB publishes only live albums for some years, at which they also present some new songs. The last album Good bye ! was recorded by a concert in Herzogenaurach (Germany) at 2000-05-29.


- Józef Skrzek: bass guitar, keyboards, vocals
- Antymos Apostolis: guitars
- Jerzy Piotrowski: drums
since 1998: Mirosław Muzykant: drums (instead of Jerzy Piotrowski)
since 2000: Paul Wertico: drums (instead of Mirosław Muzykant)


Antymos Apostolis, Jerzy Piotrowski, Józef Skrzek
Photo from the cover backside of the AMIGA-LP 8 55 631

Time table

This time table were written by use of datas in the booklet of the CD „SBB 2 & 3“.


Foundation of the band, the name: „Silesian Blues-Band“

1972 - 1973

Cooperation with Czesław Niemen, record publications in Poland and Great Britain


Start of the independent work of the band, the new name: „Szukaj - Burz - Buduj (Search - Break - Build up)“, publication of their first own album (SBB 1)


The first performences outside of Poland (Berlin, Bautzen, Darmstadt, Frankfurt/M.), recording of 6 tracks at the East Berlin broadcasting studio (Some of these tracks were published at the AMIGA-LP later.)


Participation at the festival in Opole (Poland), honoured for the best debut


Recordings at the Polish broadcasting with Tomasz Stańko


SBB is very successful at the top list of the mounthly magazine „NON STOP“:
Band of the year: SBB
LP of the year: SBB (No. 1)
Instrumentalist of the year: Józef Skrzek
Guitar player of the year: Antymos Apostolis
Drummer of the year: Jerzy Piotrowski

1974 - 1980

SBB made many long play records in Poland and in Germany:
for Polskie Nagrania (according to the source) 8 pieces
for Spiegelei/Intercord 2 pieces
for AMIGA 1 piece
for Supraphon 1 piece

in the 80th

Solo-LP's of Józef Skrzek for Polskie Nagrania, among others:
„Ojciec Chrzestny Dominika (Dominic's Godfather)“ (SX 1967, already 1979)
„Ogród Luizy (with Halina Frąckowiak, SX 2346, 1981)“
„Wojna śwatów - Następne stulecie (The War Of The Worlds - Next Century)“ (SX 2342, 1982)


Come-Back of the band, concerts in Poland, publication of the album „SBB live 1993 “ and USA-Tournee

from 1998

Concerts in Poland and abroad with changed casting at the drums, on the occasion of these there were made several live albums


Solo albums of Józef Skrzek, the last album: „Słone perły“ (2000, very recommendable)