Why I do publish this homepage

I growed up with the rock music of bands such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Omega, SBB, and the famous East German bands Renft, Puhdys, City etc.

Whereas all the other bands are still in presence at the CD shops and industry, at the concert stages, at broadcasting and press, OMEGA and SBB are not so yet. It is not the reason on the public, it is the reason on the ignorance, lacking entrepreneurial venturesomeness or unknowledge of the local media and promoters and in the case of OMEGA also apparently the violation of the copyrights by the industry. What isn't offered, can't be sould.

But I think that these two bands had deserved to keep in memory. Omega exists since 1962. At 4th September 1999 they showed that they can still make rock power in Budapester Nepstadion. SBB exists since 1974 and made in the 90th some interesting albums. Both bands are rock legends, who are still very popular in their home countries and were very popular in the whole Eastern bloc in the 70th and 80th years. Several record publications in Western Europe supply that they were wellknown also there.

I wish the visitors of my homepage remember to these booth rock bands, ask for their CD's and, if they stay in Hungary or Poland, look for their CD's at the CD shops in the homecountries of the bands. Additional I would be lucky if the german media and promoters whould consider these bands again.

Bernd Reichert